Faith + Integrity + Quality

Let's start by saying this: the existence of Informed By Faith is only because of Jesus.
Without Him, we are nothing.

Our mission is to share the Good News, serve the body of Christ. We do this through providing an opportunity for you to go about the day fashionably sharing your faith...with enough swag to draw others to ask what it means, creating a Good News conversation about Jesus.

We at Informed By Faith, or IBF, are committed to making every aspect of our business honour God. Every decision we make ties back to that principle, such as supplier and vendor partnerships, and even how we interact with you, our customer.

Integrity & Sustainability Matters.

We are instructed by God to be good stewards of the natural resources around us and to do good to those we interact with. At IBF, this means our supply chain must be:

  • ethically operated by people being paid a fair wage in healthy and safe factories that comply with government regulations
  • made using sustainably sourced natural resources by companies who strive to continuously reduce their impact on the environment
  • committed to high quality standards to ensure product durability

It would be awesome to source our fabric locally, so we continue to watch for new innovation and developments in this space. But, we are also confident with the rigor and due diligence our suppliers have taken to assure the ethical and sustainability integrity of their supply chain as outlined above. We know that our partnerships are helping to build stronger families and therefore stronger communities.

When you receive your order, you will see that we use lightweight mailers to reduce waste and keep shipping costs low. Those bags are also self-sealed and perforated to keep your health and safety top of mind. In addition, you will see that we have created paper thank you postcards that are also 100% recyclable, on it has a lifetime repeat order discount code.

Quality Matters.

High quality fabric and good craftsmanship is fundamental to ensuring durability and making sure you can have multiple Good News conversations. All of our apparel is manufactured and or sourced from ethical manufacturers locally and overseas. We continue to look for exclusively local solutions that meet our quality standards. We also use a printing method that helps to prolong the life of our apparel and reduce environmental impact by keeping it in your closet longer.

What Else Matters to IBF? 

  • Red, yellow, black, white - all are precious and all are made in His image. As we continue to grow, we want our brand to represent you. We realize that it is important to make sure that, as you browse our website and social media, you can see yourself and feel like you belong to the IBF family. We are working on that now. You can get involved too by sending us your selfies to post on Facebook and Instagram.

  • As a business, it is important that we follow all applicable laws. Although we are not incorporated, we choose to follow the laws even before they apply. That is why we still charge tax and will file our taxes to the government for processing. When the time comes for us to incorporate, we will already be conducting our business with excellence, and will continue to.

  • Charitable donations: For every order we receive, we donate a new unbranded t-shirt to Barnabus, a Christian charity in our community that supports those experiencing homelessness. For more information, please check our our Giving Back page. 

Finally, Jesus is still at the centre of what we do. So, this means we have to remain grounded and continue to live out our faith as we run this business. This means we:

  • Pray daily!
  • Read devotionals to prepare our hearts for the day
  • Ensure what we write and present to you is always backed by scripture
  • Observe our Sabbath day of rest
  • Do not process orders over the weekend. This allows us to rejuvenate and connect with family and friends
  • Actively participate in our local congregation


We hope this has provided you with even more insight into who we are as a company and the confidence to support us.

customer Testimonials

Highly Recommend

The t-shirts were exactly as described and were the correct fit. Great feel and good quality material. Cheers guys

Josh S

Love it

I love the top, the message is perfect, the material is lovely and it's a perfect fit! Ladies definitely get a size down.


Jesus Is King

I will wear this hoodie with pride nicely done I love it

Kente M