About Us

I didn’t have the luxury of leaving a six-figure career to start my clothing brand – the pandemic took care of that.

2020 began with a huge bang for me. I was just coming off one of my best years as a Territory Manager in the hospitality industry. Sales were up across all my accounts and I was poised for another amazing year. But, in March 2020, I - like many others at that time – was impacted by the pandemic. I was thrown into a tailspin and found myself without a job.

As I thought about what my next move would be, I just couldn’t shake the idea of combining two of my loves:

  • God and the belief that He was in control, and
  • Great fashion pieces

So, one afternoon in April, after church (online), I feverishly began putting all my thoughts to paper. There were original quotes I had created to make my own personal shirts back in the day; there were slogans and jottings I had written in journals over the years…and what took shape was an opportunity to inspire Christian believers to share their faith through what they wore, and also to provide for my family during a difficult season.

From there began my journey of telling the amazing story of Jesus Christ in a clever yet compelling manner by putting it on a good quality tee while still rockin’ my Jordans. That was the beginning of Informed By Faith.


- Jaime

Our Shipping Location

Broadstone Mill, 332 Broadstone Road Unit 437, 4th Floor, SK5 7DL
Manchester, England

Mon - Fri, 9:30am - 3:00pm