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We are a Christian lifestyle brand. We are craft-driven creators.
Everything we do is centered around designing functional leisurewear that brings messages of inspiration and encouragement to a world that needs light.

We started our company because we felt it was a great platform for anyone to begin a meaningful conversation about Jesus without feeling that awkward pressure to start one on their own.

Our iconic logo is of the African Bush elephant. Despite being the largest mammal on land, they are known to be peaceful and empathetic; they also have an amazing ability to communicate with other herds over long distances.

The same goes for Frank Ward & Co. We want our apparel to bring the Good News – a message of love, peace, and empathy for all - to the world without you having to say a word. 

We also are passionate about bringing an end to human trafficking. Although the exact number of people trafficked in Canada is unknown, there is growing evidence of the widespread occurrence around the country, coast to coast. As we begin to build our business, we will be donating time and money to nonprofit organizations geared to rescuing victims from bondage once and for all.

So, this is who we are. Please join us on this journey.


Founder & Chief Creative

customer Testimonials

Highly Recommend

The t-shirts were exactly as described and were the correct fit. Great feel and good quality material. Cheers guys

Josh S

Love it

I love the top, the message is perfect, the material is lovely and it's a perfect fit! Ladies definitely get a size down.


Jesus Is King

I will wear this hoodie with pride nicely done I love it

Kente M