God. Fashion. Elephants?

We love elephants. A lot. All elephant species have ears and tusks. But those unmistakably large, fan-shaped ears are only found on African elephants. The more I’ve learned about these grey giants over the years, the more I am drawn to take action to keep them protected.

God’s creation is nothing short of amazing!

  • The African elephant is the largest mammal on land. They can weigh up to eight tons and be as long as 24 feet, about the size and length of a medium-sized school bus.
  • African elephants are long distance travellers, who walk an average of 25 km a day. Their extensive travelling makes them amazing seed spreaders, which creates new food sources and habitats for other animals.
  • African elephants are master communicators. They can send messages to other herds using low-frequency sounds that can travel through the air and ground over distances as far as 4 miles!

These 3 main characteristics of African elephants bring together the mission and vision of Informed by Faith so beautifully.
  • We have the world’s biggest news story to share, and that is Jesus’ message of salvation
  • We want you to wear the message and spread it in your community and beyond
  • We use cleverly placed words to share this Good News message without saying a word.

But, the reality is also that elephants are an endangered species.
  • There are approximately 415,000 elephants in the wild. They are always under threat of death as a result of ivory poaching and competing with humans for natural resources (vegetation, water, and space).
That is why our philanthropic efforts focus on ensuring the protection of these elephants, and why 10% of our sales will be donated to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).
  • We selected WWF as our donation recipient because of their half a century of work protecting animals around the world, and the majority (81%) of monies they receive goes directly to conservation activities.
  • Informed By Faith is a proud Partner in Conservation with the World Wildlife Fund and proud parents of an elephant! Well, sort of. This means that we not only contribute monthly to WWF but we also participated in a symbolic adoption of an African elephant to solidify our pledge to help protect their lives and habitats.
Every purchase you make from Informed by Faith is a contribution
to this effort. Thank you!

World Elephant Day 2021 is Thursday, August 12th. Mark your calendars!

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I love the top, the message is perfect, the material is lovely and it's a perfect fit! Ladies definitely get a size down.


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I will wear this hoodie with pride nicely done I love it

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